Jewelled Gin

jewelled gin

‘Tis the season to party, and what better way to do so with some festive pomegranate jewelled gin! The recipe on Jamie Oliver’s website states that the recipe only contains 1 calorie but I don’t believe that, the shot probably has more like 60 calories. The trick is to freeze the glasses and keep the spirit ice cold as it’ll make a smoother shot. The pomegranate seeds add a crunch and sweetness after the shot. If shots are too much for you, just create jewelled gin and tonics, the pomegranate still adds a little burst of flavour but the drink will be longer, however if you are counting calories remember to take the tonic into account. If you don’t like gin use good quality vodka instead. If you want a unique but smooth (and fairtrade) vodka I highly recommend trying Fair Quinoa Vodka, I tried it in Harvey Nichols with my sister and can honestly say it was the tastiest vodka I’ve ever had!

As is to be expected at this time of year I have been very busy visiting friends and family in Devon, so sorry I haven’t posted any recipes recently (and this one isn’t exactly a recipe either). I have been cooking a lot and taking pictures when I can but I felt my creations haven’t been up to par – I made some gluten-free vegan mince pies with vegan brandy cashew cream which tasted wonderful but just disintegrated when I touched them, so I think the recipe needs a little work before I can post it. Shame they are only seasonal, but it gives me an entire year to perfect the pastry! I will definitely post the cream recipe soon though it is a vegan delight!

I promise in the new year I will get back in the swing of cooking and bring you some exciting new vegetarian recipes, Happy New Year everybody!

jewelled ginjewelled jin

Jewelled Gin

  • Good quality gin
  • Pomegranate seeds
  1. Place the gin and shot glasses in the freezer at least an hour before you want to use them.
  2. When ready to serve, pour the shots and add 5-6 pomegranate seeds to each glass.
  3. Scatter the shot tray with more pomegranate seeds for your guests to nibble on.

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