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UK Independents Map is a compilation of independent cafes, delis, restaurants, shops and food charities which focus on local, ethical and organic produce within the UK.

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Independent Cafes, Delis, Restaurants and Shops

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Aconbury Sprouts: 51.943493, -2.885500
Woodlands Organic Farm: 52.924414, -0.063268
Sunseed Organics: 51.505691, -0.409323
Green Pasture Farms: 53.857830, -2.177509
Out Of This World: 52.928066, -1.215141


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The markers are compiled by Independent Kitchen. Please get in touch via the comment box, email, Facebook or Twitter if you have a favorite independent food business you would like to see listed. Send the business name and address, what they sell and why you love it. Looking forward to hearing from you soon!



The interactive mapping is created through MapsMarker Pro which uses Leaflet.js, an open-source JavaScript library for interactive maps. I chose the Leaflet background mapping due to the fact it is independent and open-source, however if you want to use Google/Bing/other more familiar background mapping then use the layer button at the top right of the map.

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