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get a wriggle on

Back in 2014 I stumbled across a mobile app which had a similar ethos to Independent Kitchen called Wriggle. We both started in Bristol, we both had a passion for supporting independent businesses and most importantly, we both had an appetite for good food.

Wriggle offers limited time deals on  independent food and drink establishments in Bristol, Brighton and London. This not only helps the wallets of those of us who love to eat out, but also the partner restaurants and cafés who don’t necessarily have the marketing budget to promote themselves.


Out with the girls at Biblos #falafel

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Since downloading the app I have purchased numerous falafels and platters from the Bristol establishment that is Biblos, enormous burgers from Burger Joint, dinner and theatre tickets from the Alma Tavern, coffee and a full bike service from Roll for the Soul and a plethora of vegan delights from the Spotless Leopard.

On occasion Wriggle also offers tickets for comedy and theatre performances, giving you the opportunity to have dinner and a show for a steal whilst feeling all warm inside for supporting local businesses and artists.

Since it’s infancy in 2014 I have witnessed the app becoming more stable, user-friendly and it now offers the ability to purchase deals 2 days in advance. It also has an excellent referral scheme (get £3 off your 1st Wriggle below) as well as a form to suggest your favourite eateries. There is also an ambassador scheme which offers a £30 voucher if you put Wriggle in contact with a restaurant manager who signs the business up to the program.

You can download from Google Play or the iTunes App Store. Once downloaded go to Refer a Friend and Redeem Code, then add QQLMYG to get £3 off your 1st Wriggle.

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Go Get a Wriggle On and download the app now. It is honestly my favourite food app.

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